Instagram for Yogins

I started a new Instagram account. Every topic requires another account. We became all marketing experts in the last decade, isn’t it? The yoga community on Instagram was the reason why I joined another social platform a few years ago. Flickr, facebook, twitter, you name it became calm, while Instagram became more and more dynamic.

I love to join the monthly or weekly yoga challenges on IG. It’s pure joy to see all the yoginis who show asanas every day. The yoginis come from almost every corner of this globe. I want to be part of the party. I enjoy to live the Zeitgeist.

My first Instagram account will now slowly develop into a page for photography. I’ll focus on yoga photography there, too. Yoga is so part of my life, it’s my topic. But I want to focus more on the art aspects on my first account, while the new account will focus more on the practice of yoga itself. I’ll publish yoga series, picture from challenges, back bending progress and so forth…..

You’re welcomed to follow me there. Ma account is called