Prasarita padottanasana A, B, C and D

These four asanas are also interesting. We bend forward. It’s experience how far the legs shall be apart from each other in order to allow the head to touch the floor. Especially difficult is prasarita padottanasna C. The folded hands shall touch the floor. I gave up. To bring the hands to the floor was not sooooo important for me. When I went to yoga classes a yoga teacher usually came and pressed my hands to the floor. This was possible. Yet to bring them down on my own seemed impossible.

Last month I joined a yoga challenge on Instagram. The asana in the first row was one of the challenging asanas. I realized at once that this exercise would improve prasarita padottanasana C. Gravity alone doesn’t improve my flexibility. I need resitance in order to stretch my body.

I always add the exercise in the first row these days. I got hope to being able to bring my hands on the floor on my own one day . This extra exercise interrupts the flow. That’s why I often practice this exercise before I start with these forward bending asanas. Nevertheless between all the standing asanas comes now a sitting asana. I repeat this exercise 3 times and I hold it for about 8 breaths. Each time I can get deeper. When I finally exercise prasarita padottanasana C I realize that I can move my arms closer to the floor.

Practicing alone at home means freedom. Being on my own allows me to explore the asanas. I can add extra asanas and I can omit asanas. My goal is to practice effectively.

Work smarter than harder, I used to think. This is also true for the yoga practice. I lost enough time with ineffective training and exercises. To repeat the same asanas day in day out without any progress makes no sense.