Next variation: Parivrtta parsva konasana


We’re still at the standing asanas of the first Ashtanga yoga serie. Parivrtta parsva konasana is a deep twist. In addition it’s a balancing asana. It’s not a very demanding balancing asana, but the twist is rather advanced. This pose invites to cheat. It’s important to get the shoulder behind the knee. Then there is resistance and this allows to twist deeply. If the arm is not behind the knee it’s difficult to twist. An opportunity is missed then. But to get the shoulder behind the knee is the first challenge. The legs are engaged. They are the foundation of this asana.

In the original asana the outer rim of the foot of the stretched leg is on the floor. For me it feels better to have the ball of the foot on the floor. It’s easier to get into this asana and it’s easier to stay there. Important is to twist.

With this variation I practice another variation. I started all the variation beause I could avoid pain in the back that way. I’m not yet ready to get back to the origin asanas.

I need several breaths to get into this pose. I’m attentive these days. It’s still new that my back improved so dramatically. I don’t want to risk another inflammation. I’m grateful that I could get back to an intensive yoga practice.

There are some nice variations of this asana. The Ashtanga yoga series has a lot of asanas. It’s impossible to add variations to every asanas. To practice 90 minutes to 1 hour is enough.

Late I was on the mat today. The practice was intensive, I sweated. I’m so glad that I didn’t omit the practice because it was so late already. I’m still too weak to do all the vinyasas. It’s coming. Every day I become a bit stronger.