So many variations of asanas exist


Since a week I’ve a membership of the Sivananda yoga studio here. I love the structure of the classes. In the beginning the students are led through two different pranayama exercises: kapalapati and alternate nostril breathing.

After the sun salutations, which are different to those practiced in Ashtanga yoga, asanas are exercised. They have about 12 basic asanas, yet the teacher usually add variations.

In the picture is a variation of purvottanasana. The fingers of the hands point outwards. This makes the asana easier. In Ashtanga yoga the finger usually point forwards. To lift one leg can be an exhausting experience. Each variation is different. No one is easy.

In addition I joint again a September challenge on Instagram curated by @cyogalife. It’s called #levelrebel. It’s interesting to try new asanas. This deepens the understanding of asanas. One remains explorative.

There is a yoga community outside the Ashtanga world. It’s worth to explore what others do…..