Yoga and traveling

Back bending in Utah, USA

Back bending in Utah, USA

I love traveling and I love practicing yoga. To travel and to practice yoga is often not possible. There are days of moving from one place to the other, that don’t allow to practice. Not every hotel room is as clean as I need it for a practice. Thick carpets don’t invite me either.

Sometimes I’m able t ignore all the obstacles and roll out my mat and practice. To be realistic, often I don’t practice when I’m on the road. I returned home a few weeks a ago, a bit weaker and a bit stiffer, but full of motivation and a lot of stories.

Important for me is that I don’t give up this practice, I return to it again and again. I feared the first practice after this rather long vacation. It was surprisingly good. I sweated, I bent and breathed deeply. I tried not to be too ambitious. Let’s see how the body feels tomorrow. I didn’t like to overstretch.

This rock in Utah, USA motivated me to bend backwards. It will remain a memory of a gorgeous time with my beloved one.