Ashtanga yoga primary - home practice


A week begins perfectly with a yoga practice.

Habits make everything easier. To be honest, my habit to practice in the morning every day is medium strong.

My goal is to practice every morning at the same time. Then it’s done and I’ve time for all the other activities. Seven o’clock could be a good time. I remember a time when I was at the mat at 6 am and I had to commute to a yoga studio. It should be doable to create a stricter schedule than it is now.

Practicing yoga makes disciplined.

It’s a life style that effects all parts of my life. It determines when I get up and when I go to bed. It determines what I eat. I’ve tried a few other life styles, too, but the life style of a yogi fits very well to me. I don’t think that I miss anything when I don’t go to parties till the early morning. I find it boring to sit in front of the TV too long. I prefer to be in bed early. I love minimalism.

I miss the yogis and yogis, but I don’t want to give up my home practice. My yoga practice is adjusted to my needs. When I feel weak like today I do less vinyasa. On other days when I feel strong I add asanas and vinyasa and I challenge myself holding the asanas longer. I feel rather exhausted now, so it was enough what I did.

The week has started. I’m looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I’ll focus on back bending.