I was strong

I was strong. Focus is on ‘was’. Today I practiced primary. The plan was to do all the vinyasas. I’m too weak for this these days. I couldn’t even fake myself through this dynamic movement between the asanas. I’m relaxed. It will take some time to get stronger, but it’s possible.

Most important is that I can practice without back pain.

I was so much stronger than I’m now, but I was never strong enough for some poses. Strength training will help me to perform the vinyasas. It will make my practice easier. Today I reached my limits.

Last week I bought these grips. They shall support my effort to master the vinyasas one day. The first step is to lift myself up with straight legs and with crossed legs. To hold this position for 10 breaths is demanding. Then I can aim for swinging forwards and backwards……..

My practice must have priority again. All the other tasks that rise every day, don’t run away from me. They stick like glue. They don’t disappear in the evening like the sun. They can wait at least a bit.

Tomorrow I’ll focus on back bending again. I’m looking forward to my practice.