The next asana of the standing sequence of Ashtanga yoga is utkatasana. It’s more or less a strength exercise for the legs and the abdomen. This pose can invite to do squats. I focus on the exit. In order to get stronger I hold the poses shown in the pictures as long as I can. It’s exhausting. The muscle must burn if one wants to get stronger. If nothing is felt, nothing happens.

All poses can be done sloppily. With time I understood why I exercise a certain asana. It allowed me to work especially on these aspects. For me utkatasana is a strength exercise, especially the vinyasa, the exit.


Yesterday I didn’t practice. I was too busy with other activities. At least I accomplished something. In addition I was slightly overstretched. I cursed. The right side of my hips hurt. Not all the time, but a tiny wrong movement and I realized that I had done too much. The front side of the body hurt when I walked it hurt when I stood. The difficulties with stretching are that you feel the next day when you did too much and not when you’re stretching. Overnight my body repaired the damage. I’m 99 % OK again. Today no splits! I must realize that I got older. My body needs more time to recover from intensive exercises. Daily practice becomes more and more important. To practice safely, without injuries is goal #1.