My five favorite props


My 5 favorite props are:

  1. The wall

  2. The wheel

  3. The blocks

  4. The strap

  5. The timer

Today I practiced second series and I used all five props.

The wheel and the wall supported back bending. The timer, the strap and the blocks supported me when I worked on the splits.

Props are a huge taboo in the Ashtanga yoga community. In a traditional Ashtanga yoga class no props are allowed. I once used a block in order to sit on it when I practiced pashasana. I always rolled out of the pose when my feet were flat on the floor. The block should prevent this. In a fracture of a second the teacher was next to me and took away this block. He was not amused, not at all. I never used any block again in that yoga class.

I remember an other yoga class where props were introduced and allowed. It was a huge support. Nevertheless I also realized that there was much more distraction in that yoga room. Yoginis ran around to get props, conversations started and so on……

When a room is full of students it’s impossible to use any props. I see this, too. This would mean CHAOS.

My view: What helps to learn an asana is allowed. Props can accelerate the learning process. Yes, they distract. They interrupt the flow. I think it’s good to think of them as a temporarily support. It might be good to try an asana with and without props.

My practice:

My body allows me to do surya namaskara B. I get out of breath. Fine, this has been so years ago, too. I become stronger. Every day I think a miracle happened.

Today we’re invited to a party. I postponed my breakfast so that I can eat all my meals within a time frame of 8 hours. I feel so much better when I have my main meal at lunch time. This is not always possible. No, I won’t sacrifice every joy and party. I don’t want to live withdrawn only because my life style differs often from the one of my peers, friends and whoever. As always I try to make the best out of it. I love to meet people. I love to be invited and to celebrate birthdays. Flexibility means much more than taking the leg behind the head.

Tomorrow I’ll write about padmasana and the variations. I had a light bulb moment this morning.