Utthita trikonasana and parivrtta trikonasana

I remember. During the last two years I couldn’t get into trikonasana either. Of course I could omit another two asanas. But what else should I omit. I had to avoid poses and movements that inflamed my SI joint again. This was the most important rule. What to do?

To get into the poses from standing position was impossible. So I had to found another way to get to trikonasana. It was possible to get from down dog to trikonasana. I stepped with the right leg forward, put my hand on the foot and lifted the upper body so that the front faced the wall. Then I switched sides.

Today I could reach the final position from standing. This is such a huge step forward.

I realize that utthita trikonasana is not as straight as it used to be, but I don’t care. Pictures are a very intensive learning tool They tell the truth. Asanas feel differently as they look like.

It could be good to step the feet further apart from each other when I practice parvritta trikonasana. The arm that reaches to the floor would be more parallel to the floor then. For me the trikonasanas have a symmetric shape. The arms should be in line.

I don’t know what happened. Everything bettered. It’s almost like a miracle. Perhaps the body and the mind needed time. To step back was important. But I had no choice.

There are variations for trikonasana. The arm that points to the ceiling could be moved forward i.e.. Tiny changes often make a huge difference.

I had to be rather creative in order to adjust the practice to my needs. It helped me to understand the asanas. I learned variations.