Urdhva dhanurasana

Urdhva dhanurasana - a fresh start


This blog is more or less for me. It’s an experiment. What is possible is the question. Urdhva dhanurasana is one of the first back bending asanas of Ashtanga yoga. It’s exercised after all these forward bending asanas of primary. This alone is a challenge.

The goal is to drop back and to come up again from this asana.

The traditional method is to get into the pose 5 times and to hold it for 5 breaths. Usually a teacher adjusts when dropping back. This is psychological important. I was told that I could come up on my own, but in fact this never happened. Nevertheless I’m convinced that it’s possible for me to drop back again and to come up again on my own.

Lately I reflect a lot on methods how to learn asanas faster. I mean a decade for an asana is too long.

Possible topics:

  1. Developing flexibility

  2. Developing strength

  3. Technique

  4. Props

  5. Taking pictures of the pose

  6. Filming the vinyasa

  7. Nutruition

  8. Mental training

  9. Counter poses

  10. Variations

The above picture is taken yesterday. The first September is a good starting point for this back bending adventure.