Nutruition of a yogini

When I prepared myself for the college diploma decades ago I probably bought my first self-help book. Slowly I became nervous and more nervous. So I decided to buy a book on how to prepare for tests. When I held the book in my hands my chin dropped. Instead of reading about learning tips and how to remember contents faster I read about sleeping and eating first. In the second half of the book the authors wrote about how to approach texts and other topics.

Whatever we do, it’s easier when we’re rested and when we feel fresh.

Nutrition plays a major part when exercising and also when learning anything. Sportive people need to stay slim, but they also need food that helps them to build muscles i.e.. Our tissues are made of protein.

If we eat too much or heavy food we feel heavy and lazy.

Yogins are vegan these days.

One must learn to cook. It’s cool to eat out in restaurants. Yet one shouldn’t forget that restaurants want to make profit at the first place. They don’t care so much about the health of their customers. It’s OK. Yet knowing this I also know that I have to cook. Eating out Is for special days, but not for every day.

Eating well, that is eating my own meals, will support my urdhva dhanurasana project.

(Perhaps I’ll also take some Magnesium pills. :) )