Today is Saturday, it’s a rest day. To rest is important, too. The body needs time to recover from an intensive yoga week.

This urdhva dhanurasana project is already one week old. It shall last one year. I want to find out what is possible within that time frame.

One year I want to be obsessed by urdhva dhanurasana.

Reflections on last week:

  1. I practiced urdhva dhanurasana every day.

  2. My chin touched the wall. It tells me that I could get deeper into ud.

  3. I could lift the leg and arm when in urdhva dhanurasana - one after the other of course.

These were the main accomplishments.

It was not always easy to exercise this back bending asana. I feel resistance to practice it. It will become easier again. One day it will feel good again.

Next week I’ll focus on holding urdhva dhanurasana up to one minute and not only 5 breaths. Five breaths is not long enough to stretch the body.