First success


This was a surprise this morning. I usually practice urdhva dhanurasana with my hands close to a wall. A goal was/is to bring the chin or chest to the wall. Today my chin touched the wall. This means that I could go deeper into this asana.

I practice daily urdhva dhanurasana. Resistance can be felt every day. It’s hard to do this pose. To lift myself up requires energy and will power.

I’m working on a plan that is doable and not too ambitious, yet challenging enough.

The first exercises are:

  1. Split pose

  2. Lying over my wheel, bringing the elbows to the floor in order to stretch the upper body.

  3. Doing urdhva dhanurasana with blocks under the hands and close to a wall

  4. Doing urdhva dhanurasana without blocks but holding it up to 1 minute or longer.

  5. Getting into the pose and out of the pose 5 times / 3 sets. This is a start.

  6. Dropping against the wall from standing position. Five times could be a good start here, too.

  7. Counter pose

On Friday urdhva dhanurasana comes after all these forward bending asanas.