What to do if no back bending at all seems possible?

Yesterday I practiced primary Ashtanga yoga series with all these forward bending asanas. At the end comes urdhva dhanurasana. I was neither in the mood, nor did I feel capable to bend backwards. I remembered that in Ashtanga yoga classes I always HAD TO do urdhva dhanurasana. Often it was very difficult, but doable.

I started this extra blog a week ago. I dedicate it to only one pose: urdhva dhanurasana. It’s an experiment how far I will come. It’s a project and will last one year only. This new project motivated me a lot to do anything that I could call back bending.

My idea was to do the most easiest variation of a back bending asana that I know (pic 1). It would count as a back bending asana and my back bending work for today would be done. As soon as I had started I felt that more was possible. I added another rather easy back bending variation, a passive stretch on my wheel (pic 2). And look how I ended (pic 3).

I refreshed my insight: I tiny back bending asana is always possible, every day.