This urdhva dhanursana project is 2 weeks young.

  1. Last week I practiced Ashtanga yoga every day and every day I also practiced urdhva dhanurasana. Without practicing nothing happens. I appreciate that I’ve been so disciplined.

  2. Not every progress is visible. It’s also progress when it feels better when doing this back bending asana.

  3. It’s better to exercise correctly than to do too many extra drills. I realize that it makes sense to repeat a stretching exercise like the splits three times. Each time I can hold the pose a bit longer without wanting to get out of the position as fast as possible. This progression makes this exercise safer. With each attempt the body allows to go deeper into the pose. Repetitions and holding an asana at least 1 minute speed up progress.

I need a day off. Tomorrow is Saturday and I won’t practice.