Wheel every Wednesday


This blog becomes a structure: Every Wednesdays I publish a picture of urdhva dhanurasna, just to check if something has moved. I can use this picture also for the #wheeleverywednesday community on Instagram. It’s such a nice group of people who practice this pose probably every day like me. On Wednesday they show their wheels under the above mentioned hashtag. It’s motivating to be part of this fun.

The above picture of urdhva dhanurasana I took on Tuesday, that is yesterday after many other back bending asanas. I think that legs and feet are a tiny bit closer together as usual. The shin bones are no more parallel to the wall. My arms didn’t stretch further , the limit was reached at the upper body. That’s why this wheel is a bit unbalanced.

I’m glad, I did it. I wheeled again.

On Monday I practiced primary. At the end I exercised urdhva dhanurasana as well. Monday was a day I felt very stiff in addition. It was a miracle that I could lift myself up. Feet and hands are far away from each other. I couldn’t bring them closer. This pose is volatile. I need a lot of warm-up exercises when I want to get deep into this pose.